Cards are coming...

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One week early, I placed an order with Dave & Adam's for a box of 2009 Obak and 2010 Ginter. Why one week early? Because I got an e-mail today advertising their Labor Day sale with every item on sale. Mental note - wait for U.S. holidays to order cards from D&A.

Anyway, the cards are on their way - according to the tracking on the UPS website, they've just left Singapore:

Raise your hands if you've ever had cards pass through Singapore on their way to your house... :)

By the way, we're heading to the accountant tomorrow. You know what that means - TAX REFUND!!! After the accountant, we're going to the outlet mall...for shoes, actually. But the outlet mall is about a 15 minute walk from the card shop. And I'll have a tax refund in my pocket, burning a hole. (Not literally, of course, because then I'll have to buy a new pair of pants along with the shoes. But you know what I mean.)

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