Back from the dead

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Well, another term is in the books here and that means two weeks off for me. I also got a package in the mail from back home - there were clothes from Old Navy for my lovely wife and a bunch of baseball cards for me. These were cards I purchased with Strasburg Money and had sent to my folks' place because the sellers would ship internationally. There's also three various hobby boxes waiting to be opened.

What does this mean for you? Well, more posts for the next couple of weeks, of course. Maybe even a post a day,!

Here's another Strasburg Money card. This is my fourth short print from the 2009 Topps sets. But unlike some of the others, it's one I actually wanted. I mean, really, really wanted:

Being an Obama card is great in and of itself. But the fact that he's in a White Sox jersey (yes, I know he's a Sox fan) makes it all the better. I'm almost considering making Obama the "fifth PC". This is my fourth Obama card. I won't stop until I reach 44 cards.

Anyway, that's my latest acquisition. But there's plenty more cards to come, so stay tuned!

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    Glad to have you back to blogging! I have a stack of cards for you and I still need to post the awesome cards you sent me! Good luck on getting 44 Obama cards... Cheers!

    Looking forward to it, CT. Do you have my new address? Let me know if you need it.