King of the backhanded compliment

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Heading into September, or nearly so, the Reds are five games up on the Cardinals, thanks to the 7-5 win over the hopeless, hapless and classless Chicago Cubs yesterday. Why classless? Check out this comment from Cubs douchebag third baseman Aramis Ramirez, which is really just common of the disdain that the Reds (and their accomplishments) are held in by the Cubs and Cardinals:

"Dusty's a winner everywhere he goes. He went to the World Series in San Francisco. He went to the playoffs with us. I think he's going to the playoffs here in Cincinnati. They don't have that good of a ballclub, but he's getting the most out of everybody."

The italics are mine. The jackassery is all Ramirez's. Enjoy fifth place, Aramis. Say hi to the Pirates, because you're closer in the standings to them than you are to us. Wanker.

Childish? Yes. Do I feel better? Absolutely. Besides, what's the point of running a baseball card blog if you can't electronically deface cards in your collection with puerile insults?

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