This is why I can't stand Homer Bailey

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Tonight's game is just the latest in the long list of games like it. He keeps going deep into every count (91 pitches after four innings!) It seems like he's always letting the lead-off batter on. Mental mistakes, balls in the dirt, everything that makes a fan (and a manager) pull their hair out.

But it's not just that. The guy believes his own hype. He hasn't shown any signs of improvement. And he doesn't listen to his coaching staff. He just keeps on doing what he's doing, even though it's clearly not working. And for those of you who thought he might have turned the corner at the end of last season, tonight's game should have disabused you of that notion.

The guy shouldn't be waiting until the 5th inning to turn it on. Just look at the difference between the first five innings in tonight's game and what happened when Micah Owings came in to the game. It's time the Reds cut their losses with this guy. If anyone needed a change of scenery trade, it's him.

Yeah, I got this card off of eBay. I don't have it in my collection and I'm not in any rush to get it.

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    and he looks real goofy on that card too.

    Not sure if you've been to but they have a different take on Bailey's performance. Redleg Nation has become my go to Reds site. Since I don't get to watch every game, I enjoy reading their recaps. They usually have a fairly accurate perspective.

    Fair enough that Homer held the Cubs to three runs where in past years, it probably would have been seven. But honestly, it's become apparently that he's never going to be the stud pitcher that he was advertised to be. So I still say cut bait and run with Homer.

    And yes, Cordero's performance gave me heartburn, but the Reds are now 68-1 in the past two seasons when leading going into the 9th, so you can't complain about that. But I sure am glad that Dickerson beat out that bunt, turning Stubbsie's homer into a grand slam. Turns out we needed all of those runs!

    I think Homer will be a fine number 4 or 5 but yeah, he might not make it to that elite status. Fortunately, he won't have to as we have Chapman, Volquez (fingers crossed), Cueto, Leake, and I haven't given up on Owings yet. Not saying they'll all be number 1's but hopefully it'll be a strong rotation barring injuries. I'm also hoping for Owings to shine because I've got a chrome auto black refractor RC of his!