Tales from the 2010 Topps box (Part 2)

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I skipped a day because there were no tales to tell from the second batch of packs. I've clearly used up all my "no dupes" karma since there were some packs that had more doubles than new cards, and I've only gotten a third of the way through the 2010 set. Today started out with more of the same, but then I turned things around, even pulling Albert Pujols, #100.

I did get three Yo Momma cards in my four packs. All of them are non-original backs, though. See if you can figure out the common theme:

Note to Topps: if you don't want to piss me off, don't load my packs with Yankees cards. Especially worthless replicas of Yankees cards. That is all.

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    By no means am I a Yankees fan, but I do need the 62 Mick and the Munson if you are dealing them...