My trip to the card shop

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So I found the big (only?) card shop in Perth. I went in fully intending to get some supplies and the lay of the land. As I figured, there wasn't much in the way of baseball cards, but there were some. There were also some good possibilities for later A Pack to be Named Later posts (hello cricket cards!)

Anyway, I also bought a couple of 2007 Upper Deck packs because I  couldn't go to a card shop and not get some cards, right? Afterwards, my wife (who is awesome, and please don't let me forget that) saw my purchases and said "is that all you're getting?" So then I went and got this:

Yes, it's 2009 Topps, but that passes for a new release here in Australia! :) And at the price I paid, after exchange rates and all that hoo-hah, it's comparable to the two hobby boxes I bought on eBay and had shipped over here. So buying cards from this store is definitely doable. I wasn't planning on starting another set to collect, but why not? This will keep me busy until the 2010 cards come from the other side of the Pacific.

I'm going to do my first video post tomorrow, when I crack open this box. Be there, or watch it later on your RSS reader. Have you subscribed to this blog yet? If not, well why the bloody hell haven't you?

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