Your typical good news/bad news situation

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First the bad news...I am under the pump at work. Absolutely slammed. So no more posts from me until Thursday night, I'm afraid.

Now the good news...we, as a staff, voted to eliminate student work portfolios as an assessment tool, effective next term. So no more cramming a term's worth of work into a binder, running around, chasing after half-completed assignments from the little dears. We'll be sending work home every couple of weeks, which will greatly improve my sanity and sleeping patterns.

I'm still sitting on nine packs of unopened 2010 cards. I've opened one at a time occasionally as a little treat to myself for getting work done. The highlight so far has been an Ichiro. The lowlight is this Toppstown cards in every pack, which apparently count as one of the eight cards. I call shenanigans and I still haven't figured out what Toppstown is.

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