Orioles of my youth...and Tom Niedenfuer

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aving dealt with the Reds, and (sort of) the Mariners, it's time I posted a Orioles card. But first...why the Orioles?
When you grow up, as I did, in North Carolina in the '80s, your choices were the O's on Home Team Sports (before the days of MASN, kids - ask your parents) or the Braves on TBS. I was firmly in the O's camp. First of all, I just watched more HTS because it showed, well, sports. I really didn't care about all the Andy Griffith re-runs that The Superstation showed throughout the day and during rain delays.

Secondly, let's face it - the Braves stunk. Remember this was the mid to late '80s, before the Braves pulled the worst to first trick and became the National League juggernaut that nobody saw coming. To be fair, the O's weren't that good, either - they hadn't been the same since Joe Altobelli won the World Series in '83 with Earl Weaver's team. But there was a sense that they were at least trying, and were on the cusp of something...until 0-21 happened.

Anyway, as I had mentioned before, I was looking through this box labelled assorted commons. "Great," I thought to myself, "I can find an O's card, tell a quick anecdote about the shlub on the front, job done. I might even toss in a personal story about watching cable TV in 1987." Well, trying to find an Oriole in that box was about as successful as the O-Pee-Chee pack. I found two - an '89 Score Tom Niedenfuer, and a very strange card that I'll have to save for the right time. I was about to give up when I flicked past this one:
I'm trying to think...how much hair was left under that hat? (You'll discover that I have an obsession with people's hairlines - probably because mine is in full-fledged retreat mode.) Then I thought...oh, how I loved the Oriole Bird. I should really get one of those throwback hats.

At any rate, it's good to see St. Cal of Aberdeen make an appearance in the blog, especially since I wasn't planning on it. I was looking straight down the barrel of a Tom Niedenfuer, for goodness' sake.

"One of the few bright spots for the lowly Orioles." Oh, how 1988 sucked.

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